Fiona Duff: Time I remembered what to do

Clocks go back this weekend
Clocks go back this weekend
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How often do we run about saying “if only I had more time” or “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”, while doing an impression of a headless chicken?

Well, the good news is that this weekend we gain an extra hour as the clocks go back. Yes, a whole 60 minutes into which to do all those things that you haven’t been able to get around to do earlier this year.

So the carpet that needs to be shampooed or that book which needs to be read can all be achieved without worrying about having wasted your time.

Perhaps there are phone calls you can make or letters to write – you know it’s good to keep in touch, as they say. Mind you, I think that was British Telecom who just wanted you to rack up some calls so they could charge you.

I have a whole list of things that I could do – but, frankly, I do generally have the time. I just prefer to faff about twiddling my thumbs and scratching my head.

To be honest, my memory is so bad that while I am sitting doing nothing I can’t actually remember what it was that I meant to do.

Looking at the blank wall in front of me I know I should hang the pictures that I took down when the sitting room was painted a few months ago.

However, I am racked with indecision about what I should put where, so they are just lying against the wall.

There are piles of paper lying around which are probably there for a reason but I am not sure what that reason is.

I suppose if I looked through them I might remember, but I also fear that they might be letters from the bank. Or even worse from the Inland Revenue.

The main problem with this extra hour is that it comes in the middle of the night. I would have to ease myself out of my scratcher at 2am and no one wants a phone call at that time of night.

So I shall just enjoy some extra snooze time.