Fiona Duff: Will we recall One Direction at 64?

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There was some band playing in Edinburgh earlier this week. Did you hear about it? To be honest, friends who live in Murrayfield certainly did – with the wind in the right direction the screams of 60,000 teenage girls can go some way. I wasn’t there, and neither wild horses nor a free tram ride could have dragged me along to the rugby stadium. Luckily my daughter’s friend, with whom she went, lives very close to the scene of the crime against music and so I didn’t have to face the crowds to collect her afterwards.

However, the night before I went to see Let It Be at The Playhouse. Billed as a musical about the Beatles it was, in truth, just a darn fine concert performed by musicians (who are probably a lot more skilled than the original Fab Four) wearing a selection of wigs. However, what it did was make me remember how brilliant the Beatles were. For two hours we had hit after hit – every one (well, I’ll forget about When I’m 64) banging home how these songs were well written and memorable. If Adele sang Yesterday it wouldn’t sound almost 50 years old and would probably go right to the top of the charts. Yes – you read that correctly as it was that long ago that those lads from Liverpool had their heyday. Paul McCartney really should stop dyeing his hair and then it might be easier to work that out.

The theatre was packed with an audience of all age groups, from teenagers to those a lot more doddery than yours truly. We sang and we danced, but nobody screamed like they did in the 1960s. We could hear the words of each song so clearly, from the poignancy of Eleanor Rigby to the downright dance-ability of Back In The USSR, it was a great night out.

Those at the Murrayfield concert will probably have tinnitus for longer than they’ll remember the lyrics to a One Direction song.