Fiona Duff: You’ll die laughing at Grant Stott

Grant Stott
Grant Stott
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So, I hadn’t planned to do anything on Wednesday evening, apart from maybe seeing if Pat Phelan finally gets his comeuppance on Coronation Street.

However, at the weekend I bumped into fellow Evening News columnist Karen Koren who asked me what I was doing that night. When I replied that there was nothing in my diary, she said: “Well, you’ll be coming to the Murder Mystery at the Rose Theatre.”

For those of you who don’t know Karen, you won’t know that she’s the sort of gal that you don’t turn down. So that was a date in my diary. Off I traipsed, dragging my friend Jennifer for company as she’s game for an evening of intrigue.

That actually makes my invitation sound more glamorous, as what I actually said was something along the lines of, “I have to go, please come and I haven’t a clue what it is all about.”

Fast forward to 10pm on Wednesday and I was sitting in the basement of Rose Theatre with hardly a scrap of mascara left on my eyelashes. It had all been washed off by tears of laughter. It was basically one of the funniest and daftest nights out I have had for ages.

Even now I can’t remember too much about the content, but the performers (including Grant Stott, pictured, as not only the murder victim but later the policeman) were utterly brilliant.

I mean, to be that hammy, you have to be very good in the first place, if you get my drift.

There was quite a bit of improvisation, all done to brilliant comedic effect.

Steve Frost from Whose Line Is It Anyway, will be taking the lead in next month’s new show which is already in my diary. I’m pretty sure Jennifer will be up for it again as well.

So if you need a giggle then get along to this new city centre venue. If you guess the murderer you might even win a bottle of pop just to make the night perfect.