Frank Ross: Appeal of city at centre of campaign

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I was delighted to present the This is Edinburgh campaign to key business leaders at the Assembly Rooms ahead of its launch last week.

This is the largest Edinburgh city centre campaign of its kind and the City of Edinburgh Council, Marketing Edinburgh and Essential Edinburgh have been working collaboratively for the last nine months on a campaign that is about getting the people of Edinburgh, and those within a two-hour drive time, to rediscover the magic of our city centre.

The response at our breakfast briefing was overwhelmingly positive and, judging by the flurry of postings on social media, the citizens of Edinburgh are also fully behind this campaign.

The city centre has never looked better, with new shops, great attractions, and a brilliant social and dining scene all located in one of the world’s most beautiful urban locations.

As a result, it is the perfect time to launch a campaign targeted at those who already know the city centre, but have perhaps got out of the habit of coming into town. Key to the success has been using a raft of talent from Edinburgh. From the creative agency who devised the campaign to the actors you see in the TV adverts, this campaign has been made in Edinburgh and is all about appealing to a local audience. And this is just the start. The campaign is due to run for two years and we will closely monitor the effect it is having by tracking footfall, retail spend and event attendance to ensure our budget is spent wisely.

By doing this we estimate to generate an additional £50 million for the Edinburgh economy over the two-year period which will help in the creation of new jobs for the citizens of the city.

The key is for everyone to engage and to keep the momentum going. We have had a great start and encourage everyone to get involved to help spread the word.

We are all ambassadors of this great city, so get onto our social media channels, use the hashtag (#thisisedinburgh) and post pictures on Facebook. There are so many sides to the city centre, and what This is Edinburgh means to each individual person can be massively different so share your insider tips on our hidden gems.

Whether it is shopping, eating and drinking, visitor attractions or simply wandering through our historic streets and gardens, we want people to remember there is so much to do in our city centre.

Councillor Frank Ross is economy convener at Edinburgh City Council