Gary Mackay: Mackie’s group is the only one we can trust

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With Hearts remaining in a state of flux both on and off the park, I am concerned at the club’s reluctance to embrace the takeover plans put forward by Alex Mackie and the Foundation of Hearts.

The fact we have now shipped nine points out of 12 against the worst team in the league just highlights the general malaise which has gripped the football club as a result of the ongoing uncertainty. We are in serious need of some direction.

The Foundation have offered the club a good opportunity to try and work our way out of our troubles and back towards where we want to be. We should be thankful that we have someone like Alex Mackie who has had a continued focus over two or three years to put a model in place to take the club forward in the event that we found ourselves in these tough times. Not every club has that sort of support. Many are reliant on 
fly-by-night chancers who come in and take over without the required knowledge of what they are getting 
involved in.

Bigger clubs than Hearts have shown how things can unravel if they are allowed to get into the wrong hands. If we don’t give good Hearts people with such business acumen the chance to take control of the club when we are in such 
precarious position, then I do worry about how we move forward.

Unless there’s a “white knight” hiding somewhere, then the club have to look seriously at the Foundation because right now, whether the club like it or not, Mackie and his group are the only show in town we can trust to have both the required expertise and the club’s best interests at heart.

Any group with an ex-Hearts player who has business knowledge, like Donald Ford, has to be respected. As a club we need to be careful we don’t allow a golden opportunity to slip through our hands. They might not be loud and bullish and shout about having grand, unrealistic plans for the football club, but the Foundation is made up of a highly-skilled group of people who have invested lots of time and effort to put things in place. They know what they’re doing.

We’re hearing talk about plans for next season in terms of signing new players and stuff like that, which is all well and good. Maybe I’m wrong, and everything is hunky-dory, but if that is the case, then the club should come out and tell us that and clarify exactly how we plan to move forward, when we appeared to be on our death-bed only six months ago. For me, the Foundation offer us an opportunity to start rebuilding in a safe pair of hands. That is something that no club in our position should be turning their nose up at.

From what I’ve gathered, Mackie is a 
diligent, well-respected businessman, who is meticulous in his work. This is not a 
pie-in-the-sky plan; he and the Foundation have been working on it for years. Yet now we’re hearing about a working party being 
hastily set up to bring all the supporters’ groups together. What’s the point of that when Mackie’s group has been established over a period of years and has been working tirelessly towards this point?

My big fear is that we snub the Foundation and then, as a club, end up regretting it.

Supporters are naturally hopeful that things will be better next season, but there are certainly no guarantees. If one of the worst teams in the league were to beat us three teams out of four next season, we might be looking at an even worse season than we’ve had this time round. It’s not a good situation.

The Foundation is offering a much-needed 
olive branch. We 
shouldn’t ignore them.