GPs: Behind Closed Doors: Do we really want to look? – Hayley Matthews

Some things shown on TV show GPs: Behind Closed Doors should have remained behind closed doors, writes Hayley Matthews.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 24th June 2019, 7:00 am
Julie Greenberry, Dr Shelley Crampton, Dr Amir Khan and Nick Nurden in GPs: Behind Closed Doors. Picture: Channel 5

I’m sitting typing this as I’m about to have dinner. I’m not sure if it’s late for most but with two kids who seem to take forever and a day to get to bed, we tend to eat dinner from 9pm onwards.

Depending on how easily the boys settle we’ve been known to have our tea as late as 11pm and we do have the classic TV dinner on our lap on the sofa.

Now, I appreciate that at this time of night the TV content can be slightly more “unpredictable” but there’s one programme that I really think should only ever be on the telly at 2am (with a warning) and it’s GPs: Behind Closed Doors.

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I do see the importance of ­having a programme on television that highlights the importance of getting checked at the doctor’s but I’ve just watched a man have the pus squeezed out of a spot on his face, and all whilst I sit snacking on a cheese wheel. We’ve gone all fancy in our house this week because we’re doing low carbs so it’s cheese, cheese and more cheese, with cheese on top.

I’m just a bit concerned what it says for us as viewers, in the sense that wouldn’t we all just love a right good nosey in the GP’s room to see, hear and watch all the stomach-churning things that get poked and prodded.

Are we really that gory and nosey that an evening of watching plooks being squeezed, prostates being checked, ingrown toenails cracked out and the odd boil being lanced, is our viewing of choice? Well, good grief is all I can say. I’m no prude – it’s nothing to do with bodies as I’d happily sit and watch several episodes of Naked Attraction hosted by the wonderful Anna Richardson. It must be the squeamish part in me that just can’t handle GPs: Behind Closed Doors.

I honestly can’t think of anything worse than sitting in with my dad whilst he gets his steroid injections in his heel, my neighbour whilst they get their ears syringed or anyone I know have anything removed from any body part, so to watch someone I don’t know get their colostomy bag checked for leaks whilst I’m making chicken stock are two things that I never want to be happening at the same time.

We’re in the days of reality TV so I understand that as humans, we have that urge to know others’ business as we’re a bunch of nosey parkers, if the truth be told. That goes for all of us. But not one of us, I ever imagine, would be thinking “Oh, I really fancy watching Sid next door get that boil on his bum lanced off by Dr McDonald. Actually, whilst we’re there, I’ll take Nancy in, from down the road and I’ll make sure she gets her cracked heels sorted as well as they’re starting to look infected and smell a bit.”

I know many are cringing whilst reading this, but that’s exactly the sentiment of the programme and at dinnertime-ish! Surely that’s just wrong beyond belief?

Are we really that interested in the general ailments of the Great British Public? I think we all need to get out more if that’s the case.

I’m all for the amazing work that the NHS do, and I’m all for everyone living a pain-free, happy life but I just don’t think I want to watch you at the doctor pulling out your crusty toes to have the skin scraped from underneath.

Anyway, I’m going to have my tea now whilst the kids are sleeping and there’s not a gruesome programme on in sight.