Graham McInarlin: Policing goals for west

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It is with a great deal of pride that I can introduce myself as the newly-appointed area commander for West and Pentlands, leading a dedicated and highly-motivated team of 260 police officers and staff.

My predecessor, now Supt Richard Thomas, has left the command area in good shape, and I want to build upon his success in keeping people safe and building trust and confidence within the many diverse communities we serve.

Geographically, West and Pentlands is one of the largest command areas in Scotland, covering locations such as Edinburgh Airport, Murrayfield, Tynecastle and the Gyle Shopping Centre, not forgetting Ingliston Showground.

Policing is both diverse in terms of needs and style and I will, of course, tailor those needs accordingly. That said, as part of Police Scotland’s commitment to keeping people safe, I will also ensure that those who live, work and visit this area, can do without fear or worry, and this is a responsibility I take most seriously.

So, building on from last year, West and Pentlands saw a reduction in crimes such as serious assaults and robberies, with the clear-up rate increasing to 83 per cent and 69 per cent respectively.

My focus as we enter year two of Police Scotland is to continue the downward trend we saw last year, and that will include volume crime such as common assaults and domestic housebreaking.

Other concerning matters such as antisocial behaviour, disorder and youth-related issues will also be targeted, ensuring that we work closely with our many partners.

Additionally, the seven multi member ward plans covering West and Pentlands, which you contributed to, include matters such as drug dealing, bogus workers and acquisitive crime, and I am committed to ensuring those involved in such matters, will be pursued and apprehended.

Road safety features in all but one of these plans and with robust enforcement and education, I am focussed on making our roads safer, particularly for the young and elderly.

Other priority areas such as domestic abuse and hate crime, will again be a focus, with the current solvency rate for those offences currently sitting at 83 per cent and 73 per cent respectively.

So, my message is clear; if you are involved in such offences, there is a very good chance you will be arrested and put to court.

So, I am excited with the encouraging start we have had here in West and Pentlands and very much look forward to impacting on public reassurance and confidence, as we move forward.

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