Grant McCusker: Council must understand opposition to 20mph

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The say No to 20 campaign started after the city council passed a blanket roll out speed limit of 20mph on 80 per cent of Edinburgh’s roads.

I read into this ruling and realised that there was no effective supporting evidence to prove that this approach is the correct one. Since I started the campaign about three weeks ago, I have had a great response and support from all walks of life and Edinburgh businesses.

I have done endless research into the campaign and contacted many people involved within relevant sectors. I also emailed councillor Lesley Hinds asking her six questions, but I’m still awaiting a response. The council are using “safety” as their ammunition for this campaign. However, there is no supporting evidence to show that the new limits will be enforced, as Police Scotland have said they don’t have the manpower to deal with this, and speed cameras do not work below 20mph.

Out of around the half a million population, the council asked 2500 people who seem to have given the response they wanted. I have nearly 6000 people on my campaign Facebook page and 2700 signed the online petition and they all say No, so there’s a demonstration that the ones asked were not representative of views across the city. There are already a lot of streets that are 20mph in Edinburgh which are residential and school areas. The campaign is not against these, but is against roads like Leith Walk, St Johns Road, etc. The council are prepared to spend £2.5 million on erecting new road signs, road markings, and this limit won’t be enforced. All at a time when the council is financially on its knees. There are other cities who have taken this 20mph approach across their cities and accidents and fatalities have risen. The Say No to 20 Campaign has been granted a demonstration march on Saturday, February 21, starting at Dynamic Earth for 9.15am, marching off at 10am to King’s Stables Road. We want to show the council we mean business in Edinburgh and need as many people to get behind this campaign and turn up to the march. Stand up and be counted.

Grant MacCusker is an Edinburgh businessman and founder of the Say No to 20mph campaign