Greig Laidlaw: Why I’m proud of Edinburgh

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When I hear the words ‘This is Edinburgh’, the first thing that springs to mind is: Edinburgh Castle. It’s an iconic landmark and it’s amazing to think that we have the opportunity to see it every day in our hometown. When I have visitors to Edinburgh most people are jealous of the views of the castle. It makes me very proud of the city.

What makes me particularly proud to come from Edinburgh is: The history of Edinburgh. The historic buildings and their upkeep mean it’s a beautiful and clean city to live in. It’s also a very friendly city. There’s a laid back vibe and most people are quite friendly. On top of that there are good coffee shops, good food and it’s really easy to get around. You can’t beat it.

A perfect day in Edinburgh starts with: The sun being out! When the festival comes to town and the sun is out, a great start with a bit of training, then grabbing a coffee at Pep and Fodder. I’d then head out to a comedy show at the Fringe – the comedy is by far the best during the festivals.

Edinburgh still surprises me when: The weather is fine one minute then pouring down ten minutes later! The only downfall is the changeable weather, but if it’s rainy on my day off I’d still try and get a game of golf in.

The one restaurant I always recommend for a celebratory meal after a win is: Hotel Du Vin & Bistro. I’m a big fan of the place, it’s a lovely quirky venue with good food and I really like it – I even go there for breakfast. They also do a lovely eggs Benedict in the morning. Edinburgh city centre generally is a really great place for a night out, it’s easy to walk around in so you can go from place to place – and there’s a great atmosphere.