Has Scotland tired of voting Labour? Readers respond to a new election poll

The SNP look set to claim Labour seats in the Lothians, according to a large general election poll. Evening News readers share their thoughts.

Sunday, 1st December 2019, 5:00 pm

I will vote SNP until Scotland gets its mandate for a referendum and gains its independence. Only then will I look at the manifestos of the other parties. We should be spending all of Scotland’s revenue in Scotland, not giving two thirds of it away to be wasted on Westminster vanity projects, HS2, Trident, parliaments and palaces, London Underground and all the others. Let’s end poverty in Scotland instead.

Andrew Davidson

Brilliant if it happens. Clearly Scotland has had enough of Labour.

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Craig Dunbar Carstairs

Unfortunately SNP can’t fulfil much without being in control at Westminster. Lib Dem would be a better alternative vote.

Mary Graham

Well, we’d better get out on December 12 and stop this happening. They were in before and did nothing.

Jimmy Green

It’s been a while since I lived in my homeland. However, in everything I see and read he SNP appear to be doing a terrible job on so many levels. They have been in power in Scotland for many years, have control over various things such as health and education and yet people continue to vote for them, all the while blaming Westminster. All sounds a bit of an excuse to me!

Mike Monty

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Labour set to lose Midlothian and East Lothian to SNP, according to massive poll

Rodney Jones

Our hospitals are in meltdown like, Glasgow and the Edinburgh Sick Kids. The health minister should go, but all they talk about is independence.

Mark Bird

SNP? They will introduce an inheritance tax of 10% on household wealth above £36,000 to cover the huge hole in their budget. Contrast this with the present £325,000 before you have to pay inheritance tax. The Scottish government will make you pay for their failures.

Caroline Currie

It’s not that the SNP is gaining, from the looks of it, it’s that Corbyn is a complete loser and folks are running from him.

Matthew Thompson

Mmm, don’t think so. Both East Lothian and Midlothian have great MPs that have worked hard for their constituents day in day out I can’t see them not being voted for.

Pamela O’Donnell

It will be a very sad day when East Lothian becomes SNP.

Penny Murdoch

My dad, who has never voted SNP in a Westminster election, will be this one - how times have changed.

Stuart Mallen

It’s time all the English parties in Scotland were gone. Come independence, all parties here will be Scottish putting forward their views on Scotland.

Andy Macdonald

Not SNP. I like to be part of UK.

Zhang Xin

I’ve voted SNP since 2007 but does it make a difference? No. We have 59 seats in Scotland. We can vote all 59 seats Labour or SNP and still be outvoted by England Tory voters. It’s a farce and it was designed this way.

Keith Christie

It’s almost like the coverage this poll is getting, compared to all the other polls, is designed to make SNP voters think ‘ah, don’t need to bother, we got this’.

David Tunnah

So who you all gonna vote for? Not the boys in blue hopefully!

Fiona Black

So, time for tactical voting for Labour by any Lib Dems or Conservatives.

Alan Thomson

Excellent news. Let’s make it happen across the country

Barry Kirk

Scottish people should be voting for Scotland’s best interests. You have to vote with your heart.

Iain Adams

God, I hope not. Martin Whitfield has been a great MP.

Karen Watters

Train seats

ScotRail to scrap seat reservations in ‘recipe for absolute chaos and disaster’

I don’t think I have ever reserved a seat on a ScotRail service in my entire life. I managed fine.

William Kay

It has started already. No seat reservations on November 27 when I travelled. I would like a seat when I pay out for one. I will be looking into the bus as an alternative. Very disappointing service.

Hazel McGregor

ScotFail at its best.... more carriages needed. You are failing your customers spectacularly. Hoped you might have realised this by now.

Kate Heatly

And the poor conductors who have to deal with the chaos are always first in the firing line.

Ruth Anderson

You mean the seat reservations that they consistently fail to produce anyway?

Alexis Luciffer Krayvell

In that case they’d better start employing bouncers on board

Margaret Quinn

In Spain, you buy a ticket, you are allocated a seat, you get that seat, no problem, no fuss, no argument.

Tom Connor