Hayley Matthews:

A Fortnite class in full swing at a David Lloyd gym
A Fortnite class in full swing at a David Lloyd gym
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I’m just back in from an ­afternoon at the David Lloyd gym down in Newhaven and no, I wasn’t doing a class – at seven months pregnant the heaviest thing I lift just now is cake.

My son and his friends went down to experience the first ever Fortnite dance class and I was chauffeur. To say they were excited was an understatement. The chat in the car on the way there was pure gold. Three boys talking about their favourite places on the Fortnite map, how many wins they’ve had and what dances they like best.

Now, you might remember that recently I wrote about my hesitation in letting my son play the game. However, I am genuinely pleased that he seems to like the dancing more than the weapons.

This game is absolutely sweeping the nation and is aimed at older kids, but when all the kids in the class were playing it, I was faced with the challenge of deciding whether to let him join in or to be left out. Nobody wants their child feeling left out whether it’s being a group play date arranged by a supercilious parent, not being invited to a party or being denied involvement in the latest hype that all your friends are into. It’s just something you don’t want your child to have to experience. I know it’s unavoidable but as a parent it’s our job to help them deal with being left out or to let them be involved and smooth out any problems for them after. I chose to let my son be involved in Fortnite and have only seen him swing his hips like Patrick Swayze as a result and I’m relieved.

My son especially loves the floss move. What they’re meant to be flossing, I’m not quite sure but the dance suggests that you should take a piece of dental floss, or towel and floss your nether regions. When all the kids doing this are older and realise this, I’m sure they’ll find it hysterical!

When we heard about the Fortnite fitness class we decided it would be great to try out, and booked in with a few friends. When we arrived at David Lloyds, we recognised a face at the desk. This wonderful person turned out to be an ex classroom assistant, who the kids knew well. What are the chances? This seriously helped encourage good behaviour from three boys who were more excited than all the parents on the first day back at school. She was assisting with the class and all the boys, despite being wired, were on their best behavior.

The instructor Johnny G was great, he did a warm-up whilst I watched in sheer amazement at the energy all the kids had. I usually take a lull at 4pm in the afternoon and could easily go for a cat nap, but these kids were full of beans!

Johnny was great at channeling their energy and keeping them focused. He also genuinely wouldn’t have looked out of place as a muscly fit character in the Fortnite game. He was built like a tank and was incredibly energetic and encouraging with the kids. They were all mesmerised.

There were challenges to win marks on their battle passes that were given out at the start of the class and these were held with pride. They also did a 50 v 50 challenge, infinity dabs and squad challenges. However, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t tried it yet. Seriously though, if your child is a fan of the floss, then they’ll love this class!