Hayley Matthews: Facing up to the horrors of growing old is so easy

Hayley Matthews can't believe that Kate Moss is still in her early 40s. Photo: AP
Hayley Matthews can't believe that Kate Moss is still in her early 40s. Photo: AP
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Being three years off 40, I’ve started to take ­anti-ageing seriously as the Matthews genes tend to follow along the lines of wrinkly bums and saggy faces. I fully appreciate ageing is something that’s in the post for us all but trying to slow it down doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?

The ability to freeze time has become more apparent since recently watching Home and Away (it was a slow news day). Emily Symons, aka Marilyn Chambers, who’s worked in the cafe for 20 years, has genuinely not aged. I remember watching her in the 1990s thinking she was old. Now I’m old and she looks like she did then. Maybe she’s just lucky.

It’s made me look around at other women I’ve grown up with who have aged flawlessly. Is it good genes, a healthy lifestyle, or just sheer luck that keeps them fresh? My friend’s big sister, Gail Rose, is a fine example – she looks exactly the same as she did when I started high school in 1992! She swears by Arbonne ­products, especially the Genius Nightly Resurfacing pads & solution, and really loves their ethos of natural, vegan skincare. She’s a great advert for looking young and loves the product range so much that she’s started to work for them. I’ll be buying in bulk now I know her secret. However, I also think she has good genes.

Another face I grew up with in the 1990s, who has stopped time, is Kate Moss. The woman looks as if she’s in her late 20s. Now, I don’t ­condone the “champagne, salad and coke” lifestyle but, seriously, how has she done it? All these celebs in the public eye must be doing a little more than just skincare. She’s 43!

I find it really hard to ignore the countless Instagram accounts displaying flawless faces. I feel the pressure to join in on the anti-ageing action, especially because its much more accessible these days with all the recent technology.

I’d love to know their secrets and, after some research, I think I’ve found one of Kate’s. Along with Colin Firth and Gwyneth Paltrow they share a love of COMCIT! A-ha, this is some serious treatment we’re talking about that we can actually do in Edinburgh for under £100.

The beauty world is calling it revolutionary, as we switch to more machine-based treatments to tackle our ageing skin woes and the Crystal Clear COMCIT treatment may sound complicated with its microchanneling collagen induction therapy. However, it’s actually really accessible and ­effective. I think this is why it’s fast becoming an A-lister favourite. ­Currently only available at one Edinburgh salon, Chamomile Sanctuary on Alva Place, I thought it only fair to channel my inner Gwyneth, Gail and Kate to take me back to my 90s face. The treatment is painless at delivering cryo oxygen into the skin through tiny wee needles that hurt not a jot, whilst distributing ­oxygen and rejuvenating properties to the deepest levels of your face, ­especially the naughty wee bits where the ageing starts.

After 55 minutes with the gentle therapist Ige and a huge white oxygen machine I could instantly see a massive difference which has cured the curious anti-ageing crusader in me and left me feeling early 20s. I’ll be off to get another one before Hallowe’en so I don’t scare the children and hope that a COMCIT facial every now and then coupled with some of Gail’s Arbonne recommendations will leave me looking more Marilyn Chambers and less Marilyn Manson (although I do love his music).

Hayley Matthews – @hotlipshayley – is a TV and radio presenter.