Hayley Matthews: Fortnite is turning my boy into Travolta

Is Fortnite worse for young kids than a nerf gun?
Is Fortnite worse for young kids than a nerf gun?
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Is there a difference between letting kids play the computer game Fortnite that comes with a 15 rating, and a nerf gun which has an age suggestion of 6+?

I don’t believe there’s much between it because both are replicating the use of a gun.

In fact, I’d argue that a nerf gun could do more damage than a computer game. Even though the nerf guns only have foam bullets, the plastic cap on the end left me with a real sore spot when I found myself prime target for shooting practice.

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I’ve not had quite the same problem with the computer game, although I do realise it comes with its potential hazards.

I did think about not letting the game Fortnite in to our lives. However, I do fear that with being very strict we run the risk of our children becoming resentful to us, especially when they hear and see their friends joining in.

But keeping the balance of letting them experience life whilst protecting them from its dangers is a very tricky balancing act.

I have to admit that I’m pleased to see that my son enjoys doing the dance moves from the computer game, just as much as winning at it.

Endless hours of fun have been had watching him copy the dance moves in his pyjamas and exhibit them in the back garden.

Just ask my neighbours, who’ve seen him over the weekend demonstrate “The Floss”, “Electro shuffle”, “Jubilation” and “Orange Justice”.

I think we’ve made the best out of the situation and have the next John Travolta in our house.

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