Hayley Matthews: Mummy takes it on chin before son calls the fuzz

A woman undergoes dermaplaning
A woman undergoes dermaplaning
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Being a mum, I know all too well the brutal honesty that can come from the little angelic mouths of our children. “Mummy you have a big tummy, is there a baby in there?”, “You have a big spot on your chin ” and “Mummy you have a beard like daddy.”

I love their honesty and complete lack of filtering the truth when delivering their observations. So I took the hair observation on the chin and decided to tackle the issue (ironically it’s been much worse since giving birth). After a little research and stumbling across female face-shaving videos, of which there is no shortage of online, I started to warm to the idea.

DIY at home though? I’m of the clumsy variety and wouldn’t trust myself to carry out a hot Turkish shave at home, but do salons do it? Was it a “thing?”. Apparently so, because after more research I learnt that women such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were gliding off their peach fuzz back in the 50s and if it was good enough for the retro goddesses then I was up for seeing what the “fuzz” was all about (sorry).

After talking to Jacqui Fenner of Aesthetica Edinburgh at the West End, to request a face-shaving appointment (dermaplaning is its technical term) I was quite excited to find out how it was done.

Jacqui, along with Dr Liliana. started their company four years ago in Edinburgh with a view to offering advice and after care for those opting for non-surgical procedures because, let’s be honest, who has a spare three months to recover from a face-lift.

Jacqui advised that dermaplanning is not a procedure to be done at home, mainly because you’re using a surgical blade! The beauty bloggers of YouTube boast endless videos of shaving their faces. However, you risk lopping your nose off! This is definitely a procedure only to be performed by the steady-handed.

Jacqui explained that when you’re taking the first layer of skin off (surprisingly painless) you get the benefit of a hydrating peel working much deeper, couple it with a Hyaluronic Serum and Red LED light therapy (hard to do at home) and boom, that’s how you get the best results of shaving your face. The Red LED actually soothes your skin, just like blue light kills bacteria (that’s why loos have blue lights!). I don’t know many with a red LED lying about at home so I’d advise letting the professionals do it.

Jacqui’s beauty no-no is applying cold cream (the stuff in that wee blue tub) because the molecules are too big to be absorbed in to your skin. Her beauty must-have is a good serum/hyaluronic for glow in the morning and a vitamin A one for night.

I’ve never been huge on skin care but if Jacqui’s face was anything to go by (her complexion was flawless, almost like Snow White) then I’m bulk buying in serums! Regardless of how hairy your face is or not, for me, its about feeling good as a woman and being able to have the choice to do to my body and face as we please. If we want to grow a “mum-tash” or shave our entire faces, as women we have the freedom to do so. I’m opting for the latter of the two though because after Jacqui’s knife skills my face was as smooth as a baby’s bottom and my five-year-old hasn’t found a hair yet! Despite trying very hard.

Hayley Matthews – @hotlipshayley – is a TV and radio presenter