Hayley Matthews: Plumbing puts paid to my trip to the Castle

Olly Murs at Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Calum Buchan
Olly Murs at Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Calum Buchan
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This week my alarm has been set for 4am to join Boogie and Marty on Forth1 breakfast.

Lucky Arlene is having a well deserved rest from her crack of dawn shift, and it’s been exciting to say the least.

The big thing this week for us was Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson at Edinburgh Castle. Not just because Olly and Luisa are huge music stars, but because Boogie was DJing at the event and getting everyone in the mood for a great night with some amazing weather.

I love Edinburgh Castle, and after a friend mentioned she’d got a last- minute ticket, I decided to make it my mission on Tuesday morning to get one too, go along and show some support for Boogie and make a night of it.

So after some late panic emails and texts to the lovely Fraser at Underbelly, who does a grand job of running Edinburgh’s entertainment scene, I went for a nap not thinking there would be any left. “Just let me sleep an hour” I insisted to my partner at 2.30, who was working from home. “I have too much to do this afternoon.”

Now, this was all after a few hours in the back garden soaking up vitamin D and doing my best to change the colour of my peely-wally legs from a blue-ish tinge, to a golden bronze. Just a wee hour, I thought to myself as my head hit the pillow. My body clock and plumbing had some different ideas about how the evening was going to pan out.

I was in the land of nod dreaming about being Jamie from Love Island’s wife, when, bang, back to reality, at a very late 6.30pm I woke in a panic. Several four and eight letter words with exclamation marks were shouted while jumping about like a loon.

I awoke to missed emails and texts from Fraser telling me I had the chance of last-minute tickets, water all over the bathroom floor and my five-year-old asking me to check if his bum was clean! An internal “Arghhhhh” continued while I came to. I realised that I wasn’t going to make it to see ­Boogie DJ, followed by a realisation that I had big issues in my bathroom. FYI, my son had a clean bum.

To explain the plumbing situation, my bathroom is currently down to the brick, pipes exposed with flooring lifted and a monstrous industrial dehumidifier in the middle of the room. “It’s a burst pipe,” my partner is shouting, all while my five-year-old is running about in the scud, cats are nipping my ankles wanting their tea and my phone is beeping away like a bin lorry in reverse.

I made the decision there and then to get a friend to pick the tickets up with the good intention of joining them later. However, it took us until 9pm to discover the water was not from a burst pipe but from the dehumidifier container, knocked over (must have been a ghost), scattering litres of water over a broken bathroom.

I missed Boogie DJ, and Olly and Louisa Johnson. However, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

Everyone said the gig was absolutely amazing and the incredible weather made for an excellent night. Edinburgh Castle as a venue, for me, is still one of the best in Scotland, if not the world, for its history, aesthetics and view of the most beautiful city in the world.

If you’re going to the Deacon Blue gig on Saturday, enjoy! It surely is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I have everything crossed for good weather – and a ticket.