‘He could make tracks to realise his ambition’

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The story of Morro Bajo has film script written all over it.

A campaign to pluck a teenager from obscurity in Gambia to star for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games and bring home gold in the blue-ribbon event.

We today tell how a fundraising campaign has been launched to bring the 15-year-old back to Scotland.

His last stay in Edinburgh was clearly not uneventful and resulted in him being expelled from school before returning to live with his father in Africa.

But there is no doubt as to his obvious talent on the track, with no less than the man who led Allan Wells to 100 metres Olympic gold stating that he is one of the best young runners he has ever seen – with more natural talent than the legendary Wells himself.

Morro himself has set his sights on beating Usain Bolt. One step at a time, perhaps, but let’s not stand in the way of that kind of ambition.

In return for a relatively modest fundraising drive, Scotland – and Edinburgh – might just be about to land a new sporting star.

Hurdles will need to be overcome on the way, and Morro will obviously need careful mentoring to avoid returning to his less than sporting ways.

But the track is clear for him if he is given the opportunity.

There may be a bit of work to do before Hollywood comes calling, but the Evening News will back him all the way. All the way – hopefully – to the podium at the Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Let’s wheel it out

BORROWING transport ideas from London would normally set off alarm bells or, in this case, bicycle bells.

But today’s news that a bicycle leasing scheme is to be trialled on the streets of Edinburgh seems like something which is certainly worth a spin.

For a start, it will be very different to the £140 million Transport for London project which, predictably, has come in for its fair share of criticism already over whether the numbers will add up. Edinburgh’s plan is thankfully on a somewhat smaller – and cheaper – scale.

Giving people the chance to try out life in the saddle without spending hundreds on a bike that may never make it out of the garden shed is an innovative idea and we will watch the trial with interest.

Cycling on the Capital’s streets has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently, but projects like this will go a long way to convincing car-lovers it might be time to switch four wheels for two.