Helen Martin: Clean Air Day was beyond a choke

WE are to face many more Clean Air Days after Thursday's model, with roads closed not only to cars but to public transport, the idea being that folk can practice yoga on The Mound rather than get a bus.

Monday, 25th June 2018, 6:00 am
The Mound was closed to traffic on Clean Air Day. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

As the council policy is to reduce cars and have people rely on public transport, a clean air day may cause problems.

For a city this size, the “CAD” wasn’t sufficiently publicised. Many people were unaware it was happening. The closure began from 9.30am as if to accommodate commuters – but many start work at 10 or 11am. Dental, GP, hospital appointments and other arrangements could be scrambled, especially for those physically unable to walk through road closures.

We do want clean air. We don’t want pollution and a toxic atmosphere. I completely agree. But a regular CAD has to include much better communication with the public with advance information about road blocks, cancellations, bus diversions and any resulting delays.

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No need to kick up an e-cigs stink

THE proposed ban on people smoking in their homes if they rent from Scottish councils or housing associations will horrify fag-lovers. But private landlords have a right to ask if applying tenants smoke, not least because removing stains and smell costs a fortune.

The alternative is to permit e-cigs, which is the plan for prisons. Even hospital grounds now have e-cig vaping shelters (none for smokers of course).

E-cigs and vaping (I do that) have been decreed by medical research to be 95 per cent safer than tobacco smoke.

They leave no smell or stains. They satisfy nicotine addiction and can gradually be reduced to zero nicotine content. Yet many organisations, and people who have never lit up in their lives, act on the basis that it’s all “smoking”.

Hopefully councils wise up – otherwise gardens and street corners will be shrouded in toxic grey clouds.

Not so easy PC

LAST week I promised an update on my hubby (65) accepting the challenge to do without his iPad, PC or smart phone for 24 hours. He backed out. That’s addiction.