Helen Martin: Named person scheme U-turn would be sign of integrity, Mr Swinney

Education Secretary John Swinney. Picture: PA
Education Secretary John Swinney. Picture: PA
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I’M known for slagging the council for wasting money. But the Scottish Parliament is just as cavalier with our tax as it determinedly pursues its named-person scheme.

So far it has cost £10 million for council staff training alone, despite the Supreme Court deeming the whole scheme illegal. We don’t know how much the court battle is running up but Education Secretary John Swinney now admits even more training is needed.

And all this is for a despotic idea, the introduction of which no parents seem to want, let alone grave doubts among social and health workers.

U-turns are not always a bad thing in politics, Mr Swinney. Realising you are wrong and admitting it is a sign of integrity.

How can we be peacemakers?

ACCORDING to Theresa May, the UK and Israel are allies who should work closely together. The UK Government has even considered helping to finance the Israeli army, all highlighted following Priti Patel’s dismissal from the Cabinet.

Who now can believe the UK hopes to help justice, peace and resolution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?