Helen Martin: Orangutans are more valuable than fighter jets

Orangutans' habitat is at risk. Picture: Getty
Orangutans' habitat is at risk. Picture: Getty
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BREXIT negotiations may be warped and misguided, but an even worse example of immoral politics is the opposition of the UK’s defence officials and the French government to the European ban on palm oil.

Apparently, they claim such a ban will prevent planned deals with Malaysia and Indonesia where palm oil originates. Yes, it probably will.

But the reason for the ban is that the plantations have taken over the habitat of animal species which are already in danger.

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Wiping out orangutans from the world is too high a price to pay to be able to sell UK and French-built fighter jets to Malaysia.

A better stance would be to refuse to conduct any import or export deals with Malaysia until they stop killing off the world’s prized and threatened wildlife.

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