Helen Martin: Tax the rich to end ‘trickle-up’ economics

Money, money, money. Picture: John Devlin
Money, money, money. Picture: John Devlin
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ONE of my regular rants for years has been the growing wealth gap in this country.

Occasionally, hard-liners would respond with nonsensical “trickle-down” and “wealth creation” theories defending the rights of the super-rich.

Oxfam’s recent report that the top one per cent in Scotland have more wealth than the bottom 50 per cent, and that just 42 people own the same wealth as half the world, proves the true economic fact that wealth distribution is like slicing a cake.

If one person has more, another has less, more rich people in any country means increasing poverty. Taxes for the rich must increase dramatically, yet no government has the courage to do that.

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