‘I could have kissed her’: I found the best parenting advice at the vets – Hayley Matthews

A trip to the vets and some pickled onion Monster Munch prompts wise words about parenting, writes Hayley Matthews.

Saturday, 14th December 2019, 6:00 am
Even 'perfect' parents will fall back on spaghetti hoops sometimes. Picture: Getty

I had a really lovely, yet brief conversation with a lady in the vets who gave me some well-needed perspective on parenthood a few days ago.

Earlier on in the morning – ten minutes before leaving for the school run – I noticed my little cat Maxi, struggling to have a pee which can be really dangerous for male cats and this can happen when they get stressed – with a new baby, my mum’s cat and fireworks galore recently, poor wee Maxi has a touch of sting ring at the front bottom.

So within seconds I had Maxi in the cat box, baby Oryn strapped to me and Harris in his clothes quicker than superwoman changing in to her costume. I had us marching to the car in seconds.

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All went well at the vet and as I waited to pay I noticed Oryn hungry and chewing at his fingers. I pulled out a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch and made a comment that I knew it wasn’t the best thing but it would give him something to munch on in the meantime.

To my pure delight the lady said: “I’ve been there and don’t worry I’ve yet to meet the perfect parent.”

I could have kissed her – what a quote and what a woman for admitting it! I know a few who think they are that perfect parent but behind the scenes I bet it’s all spaghetti hoops and Monster Munch too. So to the lady in the vets – thank you!