‘I never thought this would happen in this day and age’ -News readers give their thoughts on the 48% rise in Edinburgh food bank usage in 2019

Evening News readers outraged as Universal Credit is blamed for rise in referrals in the city. Here are some of your responses.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:00 pm

That means the staff and volunteers’ workload has risen by 50% in a year. Well done to everyone involved, please take a bow, and also to all who donated whether large or small you are all amazing - a huge thank you.

Willie Walker

We need a totally new approach to the benefits system so that it’s a decent amount each week - say £150 to live on - then we would not need food banks. I’m disabled and get employment support allowance. The rate is £256 per fortnight - that’s less than £130 a week. My son is on Universal Credit and gets less than £400 a month, but people will still vote to put Boris Johnson back in power, so more of the same is coming. However, I will be voting SNP in Scotland for change as I hope we can get change.

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Bianca Wood

Universal Credit is causing so many problems and putting so many people in hardship that they find difficulty in escaping. Maybe the powers that be need to put themselves in those shoes, then they may have a different perspective on how they handle things.

Eleanor Joan Murray

People need a living wage; we’re not all blessed with the money that so-called politicians have.

Jeanette Ferguson

I hope Edinburgh residents remember this come 12/12. And please donate some advent calendars to your local food bank. Every kiddo deserves one!

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Shocking 48% rise in Edinburgh foodbank usage in 2019

Sarah Cooper

And most of them are actually working people who use the food banks.

Melissa Moore

Unbelievable. Never thought this would happen in this day and age.

Wendy Cowan

This is an actual joke. When is this going to stop and why is nothing getting done about the situation?

Lee Murray

But still they vote for London rule.

Michael Calvey

If they paid people the right benefits there would be no need for them.

Scott David Lowden

Please don’t vote Tory in this upcoming election. It’ll only get worse!

Ilona Turner

An absolute disgrace.

Jeanette Miller

Universal Credit is the worst ever benefit. How they expect someone to live off nothing for five weeks then give them their bare benefits for the month I will never know. I know a couple with two kids that get £1025 per month. Out of that they have to pay rent of £396; they get a rebate on council tax but still have to pay £45 a month; gas, electric and water all have to be paid. How the hell can anyone live off that?

Rose Wilson

Sick Kids

NHS Lothian have apologised to a family of a premature baby who branded the cleanliness at the Sick Kids hospital “unacceptable”.

We spent nearly a year of our life in Sick Kids, the staff are amazing, my daughter wouldn’t be here today if we hadn’t been there. Sadly because the building is so old it isn’t all sparkling and shiny like a new build, but staff do all they can to keep the place as clean as possible under the circumstances. Let’s hope the move to the new Sick Kids can happen soon, but no doubt there will still be something to complain about! The NHS is struggling but don’t kick them even more when they are down, we are so fortunate to receive the care they give. These guy are our heroes!

Sarah Currie

Having spent time in Simpsons and the Sick Kids, there’s is a huge difference in cleaning services and staff issues. The staff are amazing, but there is not enough of them and they don’t have enough time to do everything required.

Ellen Easton

We were eventually moved to new rooms in our ward earlier this year as drain flies kept appearing. It wasn’t the nicest. The window ledges were also pretty dirty when we first went in (I ended up cleaning them myself). The general cleanliness is okay, but definitely room for improvement.

Emily Turnbull

I had a stay on a ward with my daughter about 10 days ago. We were admitted late on and the nurses had to make me a bed in the children’s play area of the ward. I found the ward staff extremely helpful and the ward to be clean. I saw cleaners on the ward as well. I am aware the building should no longer be a hospital and the new building should be up and running. I have no complaints about the cleanliness and the care received at the Sick Kids during my daughter’s stay. I do know I could never do the job of the staff at the Sick Kids, they never stopped the whole time we were in. Keep up the good work.

Carol King

Sitting in sick kids right now and it’s fine. Place is as clean as you would expect an old building to be. Staff are brilliant. It’s whoever was in charge of the new kids hospital that should be getting the blame and sacked on the spot

Chris Kearsley