Ian Murray: We should use talent of both sides

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The last two years have been momentous for Scotland.

The referendum has engaged Scots in politics and the result is clear. Scots want change but within the family of nations that is the United Kingdom.

Scotland will never be the same again with more powers for the Scottish Parliament on the way.

Yesterday showed record numbers of people voting and we should all celebrate that but we should also listen to every voter, come together as a united Scotland and refocus all our efforts on dealing with the issues all of Scotland faces.

We should also use all the talents of both sides of the debate to keep the political ideas and engagement alive. That is the real winner of this long campaign.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city but it does have it’s problems.

We must cherish the city we live in and help it grow to provide high quality employment, good wages and job security for all. That challenge, alongside housing are the biggest issues of our time.

What I have also reflected on is how much more could be achieved with both national parliaments working in partnership for Scotland rather than working 
in conflict with each other.

We all love our city and we all love our country. Now is the time to come together and shout from the rooftops that we are a proud nation that should, once again, lead the UK in innovation, entrepreneurialism, culture and history.

Everyone who voted deserve nothing less 
and I’m up for that challenge.