‘Invest £1 on 
a bus ticket 
to Glasgow’

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Everyone knows that
Edinburgh is a more expensive place to live than Glasgow.

From buying a house to catching a cab to paying for a round of drinks, we are used to finding all sorts of ways in which our money goes further in the west.

But it is still a surprise to see just how much more expensive some things can be in the Capital.

It is difficult to understand why something like private dental treatment, as we reveal today, should cost almost twice as much in some instances here as along the M8.

The higher cost of living does highlight the importance of initiatives like those to provide more
affordable housing in Edinburgh.

But it also shows the value of shopping around when it comes to spending your money.

Our advice to anyone in the Capital thinking of getting some private dental treatment is simple – invest £1 in a Mega Bus ticket to Glasgow.

That way you’ll save yourself a small fortune, perhaps even enough for a big night out on George Street when you get back and a taxi home afterwards.

New Broom

A lot has changed since Broomhouse was branded “Little

We tell today how a once rundown estate ruled by fear has been gradually transformed back to the thriving hub it once was.

The difference has come through heavy investment in new facilities and housing and, just as importantly, by the commitment of local people dedicated to making their community a better place to live.

There is still a long way to go, but Broomhouse is an example of what can be achieved by the council and other agencies working together with the residents on a shared vision.

Not everyone seems to be on board quite yet, however – Pizza Hut is still notably refusing to deliver after 9pm to the estate.

We think it is about time this policy was reviewed and we today challenge the firm’s management to pay a visit to the area and see for themselves the change in action.

That would deliver an important message to cheesed-off residents that they no-longer live in a no-go area and that their impressive
efforts so far have not been in

They know it’s not Little Bosnia any more – it’s Broomhouse and proud.