John Gibson: A Bee Gee saluting the bomber boys

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How can you mend a broken Lancaster? This was a unique gig for Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, a solitary figure on a weed-strewn endless runway where Lancasters took off and landed in the wartime bombing of German cities.

He lived down near the Oxfordshire aerodrome, now a picture of desolation. He was paying tribute to the 55,000 aircrew killed in the conflict in a documentary, Who Betrayed the Bomber Boys?

Screened on Quest at teatime when it merited a peak slot on BBC, enhanced by a respectful narration by Stephen Fry and guest appearances by Jonathan Dimbleby, whose legendary reporter father Richard flew in a Lanc on a raid over Germany. Reality television.

Back to the question: who did betray the bomber boys? Ultimately Winston Churchill, who stubbornly refused to give them due credit at the end of the war, got most of it. And deserved it, apparently.

Jumbo japes

David “we’re all in this together” Cameron and 130 chums, cronies perhaps the appropriate word, are off on a Virgin Atlantic jumbo jolly to China and you can bet they didn’t swill down the caviar-coated nosh with orange juice.

Beaming as he posed with the crowd of his cronies. This is being labelled a “trade delegation”. Who’s paying? Don’t ask a silly question.

Afterwords . . .

. . . she has sold 82 million copies of her 29 novels in 90 countries in 40 languages and Barbara Taylor Bradford with husband of 50 years Robert Bradford’s encouragement is saying: “I knew by the end of the evening [on their first date] that we would be together. Most people know after the first date if they’ve fallen in love. I think it was true of me.”