John Gibson: A change of scene for Mr Todd

David Todd
David Todd
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Former director of the much-lamented Edinburgh Cavalcade, David Todd is back home in the Capital until the end of next month when he returns to the isle of Cumbrae where he is manager of the retreat house.

A retreat mostly for Scottish-based parish ministers. “A job I’ve enjoyed these past four years – and a stark change from Edinburgh. I lived in the very heart of Edinburgh, in a spacious flat in Royal Mile Mansions, opposite the Tron Kirk. That was my home for seven memorable years.”

What makes the Cumbrae job unique is that he’s up close to the Cathedral of the Isles. The smallest cathedral in Europe, built in 1851 in the neo-Gothic style.

“I like to think I’ve helped save it from closure. The retreat, which runs weekends on music, art and creative writing, closes for thee months but modern technology helps me keep in touch.”

David is Lanarkshire-born and he schooled in Edinburgh at the Academy and from there to Glenalmond. When he was running the Cavalcade he was never one to retreat and he let the city council know it.

The One to see?

Thrilled to bits. Magical, mystical television. The One Show returned with, instead of its terribly tame, tepid presenters and same old sofa, a brand new studio. They’d obviously been to Ikea for their hols.

The guests on that sofa? Kylie’s teeth and somebody most viewers had neither seen nor heard of.

Own up, BBC. How much of the lumbered audience have stuck with this teatime dustbin?