John Gibson: A Pointless waste of tax payers’ cash

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Case you didn’t know, and every self-respecting Bible puncher will be aware, today is Good Friday and a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, except the two plonker presenters, the two guys who front the gormless, hapless Pointless night after night, the entirely predictable teatime quiz.

How Alexander Armstrong, below, and Richard Osman get away with it we’ll never know. How the BBC have the nerve. The cringeworthy Pointless is produced for the Corp by an aptly-named production company Remarkable Television.

Remarkable’s the word. Or one of them. Pointless does, indeed, seem to be pointless and puerile apart from the pay packets it earns for its two university-trained, untouchable front pair.

There can’t be a sideboard in the land that doesn’t have a Pointless ‘‘trophy’’, the consolation prize for losers.

Osman blusters: “Because of the way the BBC is going now, there’s far less money for entertainment and comedy and I think that’s a shame. More people get pleasure from Morecambe and Wise than they do from the high arts.’’

You’ve said it, Richard. Morecambe and Wise is where your double act is at now.

It takes all sorts

Scoff too many liquorice all sorts and there’s a chance you’ll catch Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare nerve condition. It’s said to have paralysed a 68-year-old retired nurse from Worcester.

Keith Ballantine gorged on an entire packet at one sitting. He’s blaming the sweets for losing three stones and for taking a year to start walking again. I’m now wondering if I’m safe with dolly mixtures.