John Gibson: A Titanic night out on Princes Street

The Titanic
The Titanic
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Heard it on the grapevine. No, I didn’t. I heard it from New Club secretary Colonel Andrew Campbell who advised I should call Daniel Campbell, house manager at the Royal Over-Seas League. Both establishments based on Princes Street, both boasting excellent views of the trams shambles below.

Mr Campbell has been sparing a thought for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution at this time, the Titanic in mind.

“The RNLI is not funded by the Government, so we organised a ‘Titanic Night’ for this Saturday and we hope to raise £2000 for it. Every little helps,” he says.

The League is pushed for space but hopes to attract a capacity 80 people at £40 a head, for dinner and wine. Half the takings will go to the RNLI.

“We’ll replicate the menu served on the liner on the night,” he adds.

Ring 225 1501 if you fancy a unique evening out. Dress optional but stick by a lifeboat if possible.

Mr Campbell adds that the League has recruited, by the way, a new chef, Adam Dwyer, who rattled the pots and pans with Rick Stein.

Fun never stops

Hark at Stephen Sondheim confessing: “I’m not a golf player. I can’t imagine sitting in front of the television. Painful as it is, writing is still fun and I don’t have anything else to do.” You know Stephen Sondheim. He wrote Send in the Clowns.

Afterwords . .

... Thought of including this in the column last weekend. Then, with so many Toulosers in town, thought better of it: How can you recognise a French veteran? Sunburned armpits.

Just a jibe, understand.