John Gibson: A touch of class from the master

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Frosty the showman. A man for all seasons. David Frost, 74, was at his zenith when we first met in Edinburgh and he answered my knock at his door in the George.

Blue blazered, immaculate in every respect, and again he’s bringing a touch of class to this column with Frost on Sketch Shows, screened on BBC4, past my bedtime, dammit. Fortunately this series will be repeated. Sir David’s now talking about a face-to-face with Obama and Mugabe. Lessons to be learned from Frosty, sartorially for a start, for Matt Baker, if I can mention in the same breath a colossus in broadcasting and the other extreme.

Baker, regular participant in the trashy apres-tea One Show and invariably looking like TV cameras terrorise him, turned up on the flight deck of the carrier Illustrious wearing trainers. Just his style. Congrats Matt. You effortlessly stood out from the collared-and-tied crowd (they don’t let him out much).

No, Kirstie, no

Memorable for being forgettable, Kirstie Allsorts when she appeared regularly on prime-time telly. She wants to see more women on TV panel games. Like Talksbig, she means? Spare us! Don’t play Kirstie for me.

Call DI Gestive

Crumbs! Who pinched the biscuits? A police force are treating the theft of a tin of biccies at their headquarters as an unsolved crime.

How embarrassing for the fuzz at Devon and Cornwall’s nick where the suspects are the day staff. Had Poirot been on the case he’d have had everybody searched for a Tunnocks caramel wafer.

Other items stolen include a lace dress and hair tongs. Police have asked the public to help them trace a cross-dresser in lace. A jammy dodger?