John Gibson: Advice for the happy newlyweds

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What is it about the hotel industry? To be more specific, about the Mount Royal in Princes Street, now renamed Mercure. A certain something in the air.

I was a “supplementary” best man for Leon Kiteley, general manager there, when he married Elaine before settling in Spain. Now I’m seeing James Fraser, Mercure’s GM, knot-tying with Pamela Wright, sales manager for two hotels in Glasgow. They’ll continue to live in East Kilbride.

The couple have delayed the honeymoon till three weeks in Cyprus next month. My advice to the happy honeymooners? Careful in the sun. Been there, been burned. Even in October.

Rod rasps on

Still rasping after all these years, Rod Stewart at 68 saying: “I can have a confrontation with a bloke but never with a woman. I just have to run away from it. It’s sad, it’s shallow and I’m embarrassed about it . . . I think I was always looking for that perfect woman, who obviously doesn’t exist.” Rod tours the UK in June. He didn’t mention his old raincoat, nor the fact that his dad had a strong Leith connection.

Fighting talk

Here’s one for your pub quiz. Who, where and when in the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, Scots versus the English near Musselburgh in September 1547? We were gubbed. Reason enough never to hear the tussle raised in history classes, particularly in East Lothian.

Hibernian had never lost a Scottish Cup tie then, by the way.