John Gibson: All these years to meet Maisie

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What you’re getting in today’s column, a wee human interest item. Treasure it. Anything or anybody can happen on Princes Street.

Aileen Paterson was standing at the bus stop outside Marks & Spencer when the woman next to her asked if she was the Maisie lady. That’s Maisie the Morningside Cat, understand.

Aileen confirmed that indeed she was and the stranger promptly produced a photograph from her handbag. It showed Aileen with children in Musselburgh’s Brunton Hall. One was the stranger Margaret Purves’ ten-year-old daughter, now 34.

“I’ve been carrying this photo around all these years, hoping that one day I’d meet you and ask you to sign it.”

Purrs a flattered Maisie: “That woman made Aileen’s day.”

Heaven revisited

“Exclusive” it shouts on the fancy invitation to the launch of a book by Ted Brack, The Game on New Year’s Day: Hearts 0 Hibs 7. It marks the 40th anniversary of an occasion I’d all but forgotten.

There’s a foreword by Jimmy O’Rourke, below, who, I understand, was involved in the affair and the launch will be held in the Captain’s Lounge in Albion Place on October 11.

O’Rourke will be there along with Messrs Herriot, Brownlie, Black, Blackley, Edwards, Cropley, Fraser and captain on the historic day, Pat Stanton.

I’ve never been one for gloating, so I’m not sure if “it’s time to revisit seventh heaven”, as it says on the invite.