John Gibson: Are these tracks made with gold?

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We all have had childish pursuits. With me it was more a headlong flight more than a pursuit.

I wanted to be a brain surgeon (with me as my best customer).

But I never had the inclination to be a train driver and now, it says here in the paper, we’ve got youngsters and oldsters in their hundreds clamouring to be train drivers with ScotRail who in their own sweet way have a hundred jobs available in their recruitment drive. There must be a certain magnetism about the job.

Mind you, the magnet might well be the starting salary of nearly £25,000, up to over £43,000 once they’ve settled.

ScotRail apparently need the extra drivers to cope with two fleets of trains under orders.

Seventy electric trains, built by Hitachi will run on the Edinburgh-Glasgow route. I have to wonder why the Japanese are the builders but then I’ve never really forgotten Pearl Harbor! Something I really should have got out of my system by now.

Jobs for the boys? What about women drivers? Well, I’ve never been comfortable, really, with a woman in the driving seat. No letters, please. It’s all a bit of harmless fun.

Give ScotRail their due, though. They reportedly will have to sit a “psychometric” test and an interview. Just as I thought, there are snags but, if I can repeat the starting salary, it’s almost 25 grand.

I’m wondering what Edinburgh’s tram drivers are trousering. Another time, another column.

I’ve got an idea for the trams but bottle it for the time being, John.

To my regular readers, have no fear. I’m not about to repeat my dad’s exploits as a conductor, spick and spanned out of Leith Tram Depot.