John Gibson: Aroma of coffee draws new owner

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What’s brewing at the Leaf and Bean? It’s under new ownership. Ask Daniel Campbell,37, why he swapped his job in recruitment for something completely different running the coffee shop in Morningside’s Comiston Road and you get a straight answer: “I was hooked on the smell of the coffee.”

Daniel, who lives locally, adds: “It has to be plain and simple. I was a regular Leaf and Bean customer and, yes, the aroma had a magnetic appeal. We’ve room for only 30 people here, so Starbucks probably won’t be losing any sleep.

“But we’ll be doing a re-dec later this year and although coffee will remain our biggest seller we won’t be forgetting the leaf, the tea drinkers. Leaf and bean obviously is the popular combination in Morningside, witness the proliferation of sit-in coffee shops around here.”

Take my JG Tip and watch Mr Campbell keeping things simmering.

British shame

Makes you proud to be British. Well, not really unless there’s a touch of the gung-ho latent militarist about you and I admit to having that streak.

That was reactivated when the headlines in yesterday’s papers were, to my eyes, bang on target – Bomber Command’s greatest night, more than 4,500 tons dropped by 1,100 aircraft. Cologne and Paris rail centres basted. Berlin also took a pasting.

Remember? Britain was great then in the spring of ‘44. Now Brussels says boo and we curl up and run. Used to be proud to be British. Westminster today is polluted with pansies.

Vastly overpaid pansies at that.