John Gibson: Auntie’s in the soup, or is it broth?

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The story I’m hearing from the BBC (and in addition to to the garbage you’re seeing from the Corporation by the day) is that they are to axe more than a thousand jobs. Due largely to online services that have left a £1500 million hole in its budget.

Yet they still churn out unspeakable stuff like Prized Apart and, again emanating from the cringe pile, a new show starring Fiona Bruce. Fiona – who looks as though she could use a plate or two of Scotch broth – would you believe, is starring in yet another of the Beeb’s quiz shows. God knows where she gets the energy. There’s next to nothing of her.

To get back to the Corp’s financial embarrassment, to ease your discomfort, boss Sir Tony Hall trousers £450,000 a year and counting. And the Government is talking about upping the TV licence fee from £145.50.

Oh Carol..

I’ve had a wee sneaking for Carol Kirkwood this long time back. I see her early doors most mornings but only now have I discovered she is a divorcee after 25 years of marriage in London.

The delectable Carol, at a deceptive 53, is openly declaring: “I still absolutely believe in marriage and I’m searching for a man who must be funny, kind-hearted and financially solvent.”

Hold it right there Carol – who’s a Scot, by the way –your ideal man is right here!

Grub’s up

Featured in this column the other day, Harvey Nicks boss Gordon Drummond never allows me to break bread with him without quoting George Bernard Shaw, courtesy of his exec chef Stuart Muir: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Shaw sure shared my love of grub.