John Gibson: Back on a mission again

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They don’t rest their cases. They’ve sung everywhere. Got the T shirts. Re-written the songbook. These chaps must be something special.

The Faculty of Advocates Choir again are doing their particular festive thing. This time, though, they are tuning up for their first visit to St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in the heart of the New Town. And their repertoire is mainly new. Says their publicist John Robertson, newspaperman and himself a veteran court reporter: “The choir has raised thousands of pounds in its 17-year association with the same charity, Edinburgh City Mission.”

Admission, as ever, is free. Donations are optional. They’re hoping a near-capacity audience will turn up at 7pm on Friday, December 13.

So far their gigs have included St Peter’s Basilica and All Saints Anglican Church in Rome, the Scots Kirk in Paris and here the Queen’s Hall.

News in brief

Okay, so I’m a closet knicker-knocker but the fuzz can’t lock you up for it, even at this time of year. My festive ferrets tell me that women will chuck out 220 millions pairs of knickers in the next week or two to make room for Christmas pressies and three out of four anticipate lingerie from their partners.

In a relationship the average British woman – are you hearing me, chaps? – will get rid of 11 pairs of pants and three bras. I say pants to the lot of you!

Afterwords . . .

. . . We’re all in this together. No we’re not. Not when our former Chancellor Alistair Darling has trousered £170,000 in the last year on the after-dinner speaker circuit.