John Gibson: Blushing as JK takes the plunge

Author JK Rowling. Picture: Getty Images
Author JK Rowling. Picture: Getty Images
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Every chance your suspect there isn’t a blush left in me. Was there ever? Let me tell you I’ve just seen JK in a near-off the shoulder outfit in blue, replete with a matching clutch handbag and it’s something I’d stow up on the top shelf amid the lads’ mags.

By now, from a pictorial level, I feel I know JK Rowling well. Too well to be good for my health. She has this penchant for revealing necklines. The latest merits a prime place in the flash-the-flesh exhibits.

Her screen-writing debut, aptly enough, is headlined Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. “Beasts”, did you say, or was that a printer’s error?

Oldies are best

No kidding. A 96-year-old man has crashed America’s Hot 100, ahead of youngsters like Rihanna, with an ode to his dead wife, titled Oh Sweet Lorraine.

Imagine. Reminding me, Tony Bennett was 87 when he duetted with Amy Winehouse in 2011 in Body and Soul. The astonishing survivor, Tony. Incidentally, the stupendous BB King was 88 on Monday. You gazed at your guitar disconsolately, then sent him a card.

Slim pickings

Only if you didn’t know the front of a horse or greyhound would you never have heard of Slim Somerville. A character, more so among those who liked a bet. East of Scotland Bookmakers on September 28 will stage a charity meeting in his name in Fife at Thornton dog track.

Slim’s daughter, Lisa, a Leither now living in Grangemouth, tells me that her father, 87 when he died in January, named Marie Curie Nurses Scotland as a charity to benefit. Slim was on the East bookies committee for 40 years.