John Gibson: Bob always has a lot on the boil

Bob Carruthers
Bob Carruthers
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Anywhere he hangs his hat is home. Bob Carruthers is that kind of bloke. Dabbled in this and that. Multi talents, multi interests.

You’ll get him at I got him at Waverley, purchasing a ticket to Kirkcaldy, his concern there Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and he is stressing this should be known this is the Kirkcaldy edition, foreword by Gordon Brown, printed and published in Kirkcaldy.

How does Carruther bottle it all? Chuntering animatedly about a zombie George Best, what the hell’s going on in Scottish football, Edinburgh Rugby (he owned it), Wraith Rovers, Vegas . . .

It goes on. Touch of the nomad. He’s now camped in Leith and chuffed at discovering hidden delights of the port. You just never know who’s sitting next to you on a day return to Kirkcaldy.

Strum on down

Big night coming for guitar enthusiasts and in Edinburgh few lovers of the instrument are as enthusiastic as Ash Gupta. He’s bringing Trevor Wilkinson to the Voodoo Room tomorrow.

Wilkinson designs guitars, they’re now being marketed as FretKing and Gupta is sure the evening, from 9 to 11 o’clock, will attract a lot of ‘‘auspicious’’ observers. Jeff Beck reportedly approves of Wilkinson’s work.

Different glass

Raymond Chandler had a way with words. In his admiration for a blonde, pursued by the likes of Frank Sinatra and John F Kennedy and currently writing her memoirs, the ageing beauty is recalling that Chandler presumably had her in mind when he wrote in Farewell My Lovely she could “make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window”.