John Gibson: But will it last for Jamie boy?

Edinburgh with pianist Wally Stott and an agent
Edinburgh with pianist Wally Stott and an agent
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I DO suppose the Festival’s curtain-up wasn’t an ideal day to sample Jamie’s Italian for the first time. But time enough for me to predict that after its initial flourish the OTT eatery in George Street’s Assemblies will fade significantly.

Unless, of course, Jamie, often preoccupied abroad, pays it more mind. Too much pasta and ancillary dishes can be bad for the digestion. By the way, the decor includes well-hung hams on display but Valvona & Crolla have hung them for yonks. Meantime the reviews, I must say, have been euphoric.

Digressing, I’m thinking Gary Rhodes. Take me home, Gary Rhodes. Another celeb chef (they’re ten a penny and whatever’s happened to him?), Rhodes opened a restaurant in Rose Street. But he was rarely seen and it soon folded. Things are rougher than ever in the restaurant trade.

Make a note

Class act. John Colliani was Mel Torme’s pianist for five years. Commendation enough. He was also busy on the New York scene, with Les Paul and Lionel Hampton.

He’ll be in Edinburgh on Sunday at Whigham’s Wine Cellar Bar accompanied by local musicians Ricky Steele (acoustic bass) and Dave Swanson (drums), with guest vocalist Freddie King. A rare event and admission is free.

Pole position

Corstorphine to Krakow’s a long way and painter Ian Hughes, who exhibited his Gaza Girls at Art Et Facts in Roseburn Terrace recently, takes his latest show to Poland this weekend.

George Rendall’s next show at his Roseburn Aladdin’s Cave will feature the work of Vega. Vega who, Vega what? That’s all there is to her. She re-named herself Vega, after boat sails in the Western Isles. Odd folk, these painters.