John Gibson: Castle chiefs flagging in their tribute

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They don’t have a clue up there.

Every reason why a flag – a huge Union flag – should have been flying from Edinburgh Castle on Thursday. Three reasons, in fact. One for each of the locally-based soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Historic Scotland (or whoever’s in charge of the Castle now) evidently hasn’t heard of the deaths, otherwise they’d have lowered their uppermost flag accordingly.

What they did have, barely visible, fluttering from that uppermost flagpole, was something the size of the Castle governor’s top pocket hankie.

Will they ever get it right up there? Perhaps a six-month tour in Helmand would help clear their eggheads.

Blow for Gaels

Not all fanatics, the Gaels determined to ram their language and things to do with Gaeldom down our throats.

I have found in the land of heedorumhoderum a native talking sense.

Richard Deveria, a Gaelic historian and author, arguing that it’s ‘‘absurd’’ for the Scottish Government to use legislation to impose Gaelic on the Lowlands, where Lowland Scots is the traditional form of speech.

So Mr Salmond, consider cancelled those deliveries of peat dumped at your front door.

Afterword . .

The magnetic John Hurt’s been hurt often but, it seems, after four marriages he’s all right now, telling anybody who’ll listen: “No two marriages are the same. No two people are the same. No two sets of motives are the same.”