John Gibson: Christine’s CV is so pristine

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All too much. Crikey, how does Christine Richard do it? How does she fit it all in ? Is there a moment in the day when she is not “otherwise engaged”?

We first met when she was a hyper activist Conservative. Late husband John was chairman of Musselburgh Racecourse and that wasn’t yesterday. Or the yesterday before.

Our fleeting ‘‘reunion’’ this week brought some of it back, otherwise I’d have had to rely on her CV, exhausting in itself at first glance. There’s an OBE in there somewhere.

Among her current ploys is another novel, Autumn at Whitewalls. That apart, I can’t begin to tell you all that she’s about. So I won’t. Unless . . . 
I comment on the cleavage in the picture she has so kindly furnished. Naive in the extreme, I really should try to get out more. Maybe Christine can take me by the hand.

No relation

Curious, a reader asks if Emma Roy, who sells wedding gowns at her salon in Leith Street, is related to Harry Roy, the late rumbustious society and broadcasting bandleader. I can exclusively reveal, as they say, that they are not, and never were, related.