John Gibson: Christmas spirit in short supply

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There’s a smile on his face for the whole human race. Sorry, I’ll start again. For everybody except those individuals in Edinburgh City Council who show a certain contempt for the the Royal Mile, and Gordon Scott finds it difficult to produce a smile after all of 32 years on the Mile.

Obviously still smarting from the thoroughfare’s decorations, or lack of them, over Christmas.

“What they don’t realise – and if they do it’s not evident – is that in the Royal Mile they have an institution. At Christmas again they moved everything to George Street, to the other side of the tracks. The heritage we have here should remain sacred.

‘‘What little we had to light up our lives broke down after three days this time and they weren’t repaired. I like to think I know what I’m talking and girning about. I’ve been here, running Gordon’s Trattoria for 32 years. I remember soon after I put my name to it we had customers queueing at the door, among them Stephen Hendry, shortly after he’d won the world snooker title.”

Despite the lack of recognition, Gordon, given to smiling, particularly on the golf course at Archerfield, keeps soldiering on and has blessed the Trattoria with a redec. Peace and pasta in our time.

Tony’s lament

After all these years, still with a song in his heart. A lament rather than a song? Tony Bennett at 87 is chirping: “Money is more important to today’s music industry than good material.

‘‘The producers think the public is ignorant, so their attitude is ‘don’t give them anything inteligent because it won’t sell’. Many people will then fail to buy records becasue they don’t have a ‘lasting quality’.’’