John Gibson: Cocktails at No 10 for this couple

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Missed the 3.10 to Yuma last week (haven’t Glenn Ford and Van Heflin worn well?), so I caught a 26 to George Street instead. You never know who you’ll meet at the Dome.

They’ll make a conspicuous couple in Downing Street on June 26, I’m sure. Breezy Brian Crawford, managing director of jointly the Dome and Tramp, the celebrity night spot in London’s Mayfair, will have actress Lorraine Chase on his arm.

They’ve been invited to a charity cocktail party at No 10, hosted by Samantha Cameron. Lorraine and Brian are long-time chums. She stays at his place in Duddingston when she’s up here from her London home and plans to frequent the imminent Fringe and Festival over six weeks in a “spectating” role.

I’m promised an “unexpurgated” account of their Downing Street visit. Wouldn’t it be a spiffing idea if the Prime Minister’s wife came up here for a reciprocal dollop of the Dome’s perennial dish of the day, mince and tatties, and hosted a charity event of her choice. It would make an ideal fundraiser for the Sick Kids.

Afterwords . .

. . . “It’s going to be the toughest cooking show on Earth,” says celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. Tougher then Gordon Ramsay’s? White last week started a series of seven shows in Kitchen Wars. Every chance you’ll miss them. They’re being screened on Thursdays at 9pm on Five. On the back burner, so to speak. It’s a sort of Ramsay and Lord Sugar mix. It’s a competition. No contest.