John Gibson: Creativity dee-cision beyond me

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Forgive me, I am still falling about. Dundee has been named City of Creativity. No kidding. Straight up. Now tell me Pumpherston has been twinned with Acapulco, you’re thinking.

But Dundee! Was a time when I’d banter with colleagues about the four Js of Dundee. What the letters stood for – jute, jam, journalism and Jeesus, who’d want to live in a place like this!

Seriously, I used to traipse up the beautiful Glenfarg to cover football for the Telegraph at Dens Park and Tannadice and park on the hill for a speedy getaway.

All this palaver about the silvery Tay. Things could have been worse I’ve often thought – I could have been born a Dundonian.

Cheers, Geoff

Nice guy. So it’s good to see Geoffrey Palmer among those due to receive an honorary degree from Heriot-Watt University.

Geoff becomes Scotland’s first black professor – he was professor of brewing at the HW, his place of work, for his contribution as a grain scientist. We’ll all drink to that, Geoff.

Driving seat

Can I put it this way? I’d never buy a second-hand car from him. Never fall for his smarmy smile.

Talking about Alexis Tsipras, the heid bummer in Greece.

However, the hot goss is saying that Angela Merkel has taken a shine to him. They’d make a lovely couple and good luck to him.