John Gibson: Daisy and me, we’re ready for it

Richard Holloway
Richard Holloway
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He’s just turned 78, readying for winter. Him and Daisy, his faithful border terrier. Says former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway, below: “She’s still getting about. Daisy with her wee short legs is the same age as me in dog years. She was 11 in October.”

The Right Rev Richard has June 21 very much on his mind. The major event for him in 2012, if I dare discount March 1, publication day for his memoir, Leaving Alexandria.

“We’ve got Simon Bolivar, an orchestra from Venezuela, coming to play in a field in Stirling’s Raploch estate in the shadow of the Castle, along with the local Big Noise Orchestra, players ten to 14.

“What makes this an extra special tourist-class occasion is that another Venezuelan import, young hot shot conductor Gustavo Dudamel, will be there. Truly, June 21’s a date for the diary.”

And Richard’s memoir? Another time, another place to mull over that.

All hail the hero

Home is the hero. Prince William in his Sea King chopper (he was co-pilot but it’s all Wills in the papers) winched to safety two shipwrecked sailors at the weekend. Wills searched for them and rescued them.

The flags will be out for him at Buck Palace on his return, the combat uniform neatly pressed. Well, why not? A welcoming cuddle from Kate must be on the cards. An unmissable foto-op for the snappers. Front page guaranteed.

Sarcasm here, John? Undeniably. So what did you do in the war, John? Still classified by the MoD but every chance the bunglers down there have “mislaid” it.

Afterwords . .

Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman’s sex drive. It’s called wedding cake.