John Gibson: Dan’s a real chip off the old block

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Unique among Edinburgh’s hotel managers – and we’ve got dozens – is Daniel Campbell. A comparative youngster at 27, he’s general manager at 100 Princes Street. The address, an uppity calling card, invariably speaks volumes.

What makes Daniel truly unique is that he isn’t ‘‘just’’ the GM there. He was actually born on the premises, Over-Seas House.

“I began making a nuisance of myself when I was nine, still a bit of a toddler,” he smiles, gazing out of the venue’s specious windows up at the near-enough-to-touch Castle.

“At 16 I told my father I’d made up my mind to make a the hotel industry my career, as he’d done. He trained with British Transport Hotels and he had two years here at 100 Princes Street.

“He’s still very much in the businees, based in the Highlands at Drumnadrochit and owner of three hotels up there and ten coffee shops and a bakery in Inverness.

“The Over-Seas House is owned by its 900 members in Scotland and we have three branches this side of the Border.

“At one stage the Union had 16,000 members worldwide, when it was a power in the land. Times have changed, of course, and in Scotland the membership is 900-strong. We are still busy, still active, with 20 rooms on Princes Street.”

I left Daniel determined to build membership and telling me he’d have for his film audience Rita Hayworth starring in a movie classic, Gilda. He’s making 100 Princes Street a happening place.

Afterwords . .

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