John Gibson: Dare I burst the Buble bubble?

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Would you pay Michael Buble a million dollars a night?

That, reportedly, is what the over-rated and overpaid would-be Sinatra is trousering for his upcoming London concerts.

Crazy money. I don’t rate him. He shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Sinatra. Music lovers will agree.

As it happens, I’m hearing that the Edinburgh Jazz Festival tried to book Buble but baulked (close as I can get without using expletives) at a million a night.

We live in a sky’s-the-limit world. The Jazzfest hoped to bring pianist Jimmy Callum back to Edinburgh but his wages had rocketed from £3,000 for his first gig here to £65,000 for this year.

It’s Jimmy Callum they were after, not Liberace, bless his soul. Mind you, 65 grand wouldn’t have bought Lee’s trademark candelabra.

Porty for kicks

Get your kicks on Route 66, but why go all the way to Oklahoma when you can get to Portobello with a cheap day return, where kick boxing has become the rage there weekly in the Town Hall?

Then again, why go to Porty when you can witness kick boxing regularly outside some of the West End’s all-action nightspots?

Afterwords . . .

. . . Got to hand it to Boris Johnson. Flying the flag in Abu Dhabi, a Sheik served him camel but he didn’t take the hump. Boris was still beaming when the meat arrived at the potentate’s table. To be fair, Boris did try to effect a burp.