John Gibson: Did Frank send him that hat?

Bolivian Carmelo Flores Laura, who claims to be 123 years old. PIcture: Getty
Bolivian Carmelo Flores Laura, who claims to be 123 years old. PIcture: Getty
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Did you see it? Utterly fascinating, that picture in the papers of the oldest man in the world. Still alive and, I have to hope, kicking at 123 - repeat, 123 - and his ongoing diet of skunk.

Born July 16 1890. And in Bolivia they have his ID card to verify it. Which means he was around when Hibs won the Scottish Cup but, I’m informed, he declined the invitation to the final.

What really blew my mind this snap of Carmelo Flores Laura, the cattle herder in tatters in a remote village was the hat. Stylish and in perfect nick. The sort of headgear Sinatra habitually wore in Vegas. Could it have been a present from Frank? By the way, I believe the cattle-herder prefers his skunk done medium-to-well in a pepper sauce.

Despicable act

I can only wish it’s not true. Police chiefs investigating the Hillsborough disaster reportedly wanted to spend some of the money donated to the victims’ families on a holiday flat and gifts for officers. The chairwoman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group branded it “despicable”.

Wee slice of fun

Don’t turn your nose up at this. My niffy chums at the British Cheese Board, with a little help from their scientist friends at the Royal Society of Chemistry, have concluded that the ideal cheese on toast is Wensleydale.

Haven’t I told you already that the perfect cheese at Christmas is the little baby cheesus? I have this on good authority and I hear you groaning. It’s the Canongate Has Beans Coffee Shop owner Graham Kenny’s gag. He was last seen sneaking out of town under cover of darkness.