John Gibson: Does Maisie have the hots for me?

Maisie the cat. Pic: Comp
Maisie the cat. Pic: Comp
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I COULD be wrong. But I have this sneaking feline that Maisie has the hots for me. You know how it is. Affairs of the heart and that sort of thing.

But Maisie’s dead crafty. She knows where her friends are. Which is why she has followed up her Christmas card to me with an equally eye-catching one – of herself, naturally – for the new year.

The Morningside cat’s creator, Aileen Paterson, could make an even bigger name for herself and the puss should they venture down to Holyrood. Reportedly the parliament’s concerned though about an increasing number of mice.

You’d perhaps imagine Salmond and Sturgeon falling into traps down here. Maisie’s purring ‘‘better together’’ by the way.

Oh brother

I was never a fan of the Everlys. So brother Phil’s passing at 74 hardly tugged at the heart strings. Didn’t diminish the serves-him-right-for-smoking-so-heavily feeling.

The Doobie Brothers? A different proposition musically, the latter-day brotherhood. Much more to my liking. The Marx Brothers? Don’t ask me. The Alexander Brothers? Don’t be daft.