John Gibson: Doing big centenary his way

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I’ve got him under my skin. Taking him to the grave. And no prizes for guessing the music when the time comes for my showdown with the Grim Reaper. For sure it won’t be the 23rd Psalm.

But if he had recorded the dirge it would have stood more than a snowball’s chance.

Meantime, what’s helping prolong my marginally active life is that Sinatra – yes, we’re talking about the truly legendary Francis Albert – is having his 100th birthday – December 2015 – celebrated by Capitol and Universal records.

They plan to remaster his classic albums and his favourite tipple, Jack Daniels, will get in on the act. The Tennessee bourbon producer will launch a whiskey called Sinatra Select.

By far the greatest living vocalist arguably is Jack Jones, pictured above, whose Usher Hall concert was a positive joy.

‘Sir’ John? No

Right bunch of berks they looked too, the dingles all togged up, like the Tower’s Beefeaters, to pocket their ceremonial Maundy Money from the Queen at, of all places, Blackburn Cathedral. Do they have a cathedral in Blackburn?

The number of recipients of the Maundy dosh is linked to the monarch’s age.

She was a spritely, all-smiling 88. Do the old jossers dress up like that for the public’s gaze or ridicule? They’re all over three score and ten.

Do they ever bully their wives if Her Majesty short-changes them with the Maundy dibs?