John Gibson: Don’t forget the Pope is only human

Have your say

Even the Queen goes to the lavatory. So I’m not exactly shocked and stunned to learn from a face in the crowd at the Vatican that the Pope, in a true confession, nods off when praying at the end of the day, before going to bed.

Well, we have that much in common. He’s saying: “Sometimes I doze off, the fatigue of the day makes you fall asleep. But He (God) understands.”

By the way, does the Queen pick her nose? Or does one pick it for her? I’ve sometimes wondered when there’s nothing better to do. Good for the soul.

Branching out

I talk to the trees but they don’t listen to me. There’s a tree in the meadow that ignores me completely. Well, stuff the lot of them. I can live without them.

Nonetheless I’m being urged by Opal (Open Air Laboratories) to look out for signs of failing health in oak and ash. They want me to check the trunk, branches and leaves and report back on pests and diseases.

Branches everywhere but we’ve got enough trouble living with the pests and diseases, the human variety, in society.

Afterwords . . .

From a pensive Michael Douglas, who’ll have Liberace’s candelabra with him when his latest picture plays Edinburgh: “My father is 96 and he’s still a really competitive guy. I tease him and say ‘let the legacy live on!’ Fathers and sons, they may want to beat you but they still love you. Who else can you say that about?”